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So I decided to ink and shade this beast. I was looking for a method that would let me churn out black and white comics fast and I think I found it. This is the finished version of the original sketch comic you can see here.

This is slightly experimental, using just the shading to differential panels instead of hard lines. I like the effect it gave. Also slight changes to the dialogue. Hopefully they read okay.

So here it is! An inked and shaded and finished comic! I can do it! Woo! I have a few more ideas for WoW comics, so stay tuned. They will probably also be sad/bittersweet. It’s my specialty.

So here is the final version of “The Rose and The Lilly”~! I hope you guys like it and this new style I’m trying to turn out comics that don’t look like sketched butt.

If you want to see the giant single file version it’s here.

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